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Our Philosophy:


Our company name  HYPR is derived from the Hawaii Performance (HI-Per), but we decided to spell it our way HYPR!  It is also an accurate superlative description of what we want & expect our products to stand for- THE BEST.  


All of us at HYPR have been Active Waterman all our lives, swimming, paddling, surfing or sailing - 

Basically anything to do with water. We're lucky enough to be able to do it all in Hawaii. We combined our experience in art & science and started our journey of crafting Na Pono Kai Ocean Necessities.

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As an established boardmaker and canoe builder … Our lessons are very different, we do a lot of training on our mechanical board at the store BEFORE we even hit the water. This was we can see what your tendencies are and coach you to correct them biomechanically AND work with the Physics of how a board moves in the water.


Understanding the Physics and the Philosophy of surfing will allow you move up the learning curve much more rapidly. Also you won’t waste any energy trying to catch the wave .. MISS IT and paddle back out to the line up over and over until you’re exhausted. We want you to conserve your energy to catch as many waves as possible.


Our philosophy is not to have more than 2=3 guests to one of our master instructors, basically a Private Lesson. You’ll have a more FUN, more waves and learn a lot more. However we charge the same price as what you would pay for a group lesson at other “factory assembly line” surf schools.


If you have special individual or group needs we can accommodate any request. We are the masters of Ocean Adventures


Please call Ian 808-960-4667 or Lauren 808-990-7776, so that we can give you an update on the best times and conditions for the Ultimate Surf experience for the time that you are here. Aloha

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