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About Us

Ian Foo and Lauren Turnbaugh founded Hypr Hawaii SUP and Surf in Kona, Hawaii, in 2003. With their love for getting out on the water and knowing that the Hawaiian landscape is best viewed from the sea, they have been pioneers of the stand up paddle board resurgence that started on the beaches of Hawaii and has now spread across the world.

Hypr is derived from the two words that sum up the inspiration for the boards - Hawaii and Performance. We decided to spell it our way so you know when you are buying one of our boards you are buying the best in high performance - HYPR!

Through years of experience of human powered paddle sport with an ocean mana mindset, Ian and Lauren have created a range of boards that are accessible to everyone. So whether you are new to the sport or an experienced stand up paddler, you can rest assured that a Hypr Hawaii paddle board will give you a next level paddling experience. 

Join us on our mission to combine hundreds of years of traditional surf knowledge with elite aesthetics and cutting-edge designs as we strive to create the best in water craft necessities, allowing you to connect with the oceans all around us. Become part of the Hypr family today to unlock the secrets of high performance paddling and to live your life out on the water.

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Mailing Address: 72-3980 Hawaii Belt Rd

Ian Foo - (808) 960-4667
Lauren Foo - (808) 990-7776
Weylin Foo - (512) 924 8131
Ky Foo - (808) 785-4366

About us
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