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The first thing you’ll notice about the family that owns HYPR Nalu is that they are all incredibly nice and extremely passionate about helping others enjoy the sports that they love. Next, you might observe neighboring rental companies and instructors just sending people out as quickly as possible while HYPR gives you a patient and professional instruction on how to operate the equipment in order to better enjoy the activity. For our family, these two things came together for a fantastic surfing experience - so great that we rearranged some other activities and booked subsequent surf lessons to continue improving our skill set. Thank you Weylin and family - we will definitely be back!

Jennifer S.

Our (4 teens and 1 adult) entire experience with HYPR Nalu was amazing. Lauren provided great info when we booked the lesson and was communicative/responsive leading up to it. Really appreciated that they didn't have pre-determined days/times but instead chose a day/time best for our group based on weather and surf conditions. Kai and Weylin were awesome instructors - both so knowledgable, capable and encouraging. Dry land practice balancing on a board was really helpful too. It was such a positive and super fun experience! We loved it. Thank you, Kai and Weylin!

Juliet R

BEST surf lessons on the big island! I could not recommend HYPR enough. Customer service was a 10/10, the boards were a 10/10, and the surf instructor Ky was a definite 10/10. I had no previous surfing experience, but Ky did an amazing job breaking down the basics of surfing. He helped me develop a feel for surfing with a short but necessary bit of dry land training. Once out in the water, I felt safe and confident. I caught my first wave and was able to stand on the board! All the feedback given by the surf instructor was helpful, positive, and encouraging. If you are in Kona and want to try surfing you will not regret signing up for these surf lessons! I strongly recommend supporting this amazing business :) (1).webp

Mailing Address: 72-3980 Hawaii Belt Rd

Ian Foo - (808) 960-4667
Lauren Foo - (808) 990-7776
Weylin Foo - (512) 924 8131
Ky Foo - (808) 785-4366

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